Teddy Bare Face | Professional Makeup Remover Pads
Teddy Bare Face | Professional Makeup Remover Pads

Teddy Bare Face | Professional Makeup Remover Pads

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Meet the newest member of the Sam+Nova family! 
Our Teddy Bare Face professional makeup remover pads!

Wipes and chemicals are often too rough on our skin for stubborn makeup that is harder to remove.  Sometimes our glam needs a gentle bear hug to give it the nudge it needs to get us back to our natural bare beauty.

Teddy Bare Face pads have been tested and proven to be gentler to our skin when removing makeup and even cleansing, it’s also more earth friendly. You can use each individual pad up to 200 times, making it earth friendly and coin friendly (okaaaay sis).  We even selected this cute teddy bear chocolate brown to make sure your makeup and dirt doesn’t stain or gross you out... we gotchu! 

Teddy Bare Face Care: 

Can be machine washed 1x a week, do not use softener to maintain the products benefits and integrity. Best care is hand washing with soap and water, squeeze out water and set aside in a clean area to dry on it own. Sis, please do not place in the dryer. 


Foam coated with teddy inspired  microfiber material


Directions for use: 

  • Add water to pad
  • Gently wipe your makeup off 
  • Can be used to help cleanse your face with your cleanser if choice